Student Injuries

Student Injuries – If You Were Injured as a Student, You Need to Know Your Rights

If you’re a student or the parent of a student, you might trust teachers, bus drivers and others to follow all necessary steps to ensure the safety of all students. Chances are the last thing on your mind is that you or somebody you care about is involved in a serious accident while in the classroom, at a sports game or an internship. But as experienced attorneys know, accidents involving students happen all-too-often across the United States, resulting in life-changing and potentially fatal injuries in only a moment’s notice. And even worse, chances are the injured student did nothing wrong to cause an accident.

Unfortunately, students of all ages face the risk of accident every day. You may be a parent whose child is injured at a bus stop. He or she might have been involved in a classroom accident or injured while on a field trip. You may be a student athlete injured at a game or a college student who sustained serious injuries at an internship. Knowing what to do after any accident is difficult. That’s why we’re here. If you’re a student who was injured or a parent whose child was injured in a situation similar to the following, contact us today.

Who’s at fault when a student is injured?

An injury in the classroom can have devastating consequences that affect students’ lives for years to come. A broken bone or head injury often involves a painful recovery process and long-term physical therapy. On-the-job car accidents may leave students unable to return to work or pursue their high school diploma or college degree. The financial burden may feel overwhelming for students and parents alike due to skyrocketing medical bills and lost wages from missing time at work to be with your loved one or recover from your injuries.

When your accident isn’t your fault or your child’s fault, it’s important to talk to an attorney immediately. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the physical, emotional and financial burden of an accident alone when somebody else’s negligence led to the accident. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you could be entitled to compensation to help pay for medical bills, the cost of future medical bills, lost wages if you or your loved one missed time at work, and future lost wages if you’re unable to work again. Don’t hesitate. Contact a lawyer today who’s ready to help protect your rights.

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