Parental Liability For Children

Can a Parent Be Held Responsible for a Student’s Negligence?

Accident claims involving two adults can be difficult. When the accident involves the negligence of a minor, the claim can be very complex. Is the minor responsible? What about the parents? Could they be held accountable for the actions of their child?

Nearly every state has some sort of law regarding parental liability. Just ask any experienced personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. According to these laws, parents or legal guardians can be held responsible when their children intentionally or willfully act in a negligent manner leading to somebody else’s injury or property damage.

The law says parents can be held liable in certain situations, such as when they fail to supervise their children in situations requiring it, fail to address behavioral issues before a violent assault at a school, or knowingly let a minor operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

A closer look at Nevada liability laws

Nevada has numerous laws on the books that impose strict liability on parents when a minor causes injury or property damage to another. Under Nevada Revised Statute 41.470, joint and several liability up to $10,000 is imposed on parents when a minor under age 18 “willfully causes injury to person or damage to property.” Furthermore, Nevada is one of a limited number of states to include an auto liability statute designed to hold parents accountable. Under Nevada Revised Statutes 483.300 and 486.101, an unlimited amount of financial liability can be imposed on parents who sign a minor’s driver’s application if the minor “willfully or negligently causes injury or property damage while operating motor vehicle or motorcycle.”

How can a lawyer help me if I’ve been injured by a minor?

It can be difficult knowing what to do when a minor’s negligent or careless behavior causes an accident. Chances are you’ve been hurt. You may have sustained property damage. Perhaps you were injured after a parent failed to supervise a young child. You could have been a teacher or student injured at school after a parent fails to notify a school of an important change in medication or behavioral issue. A reckless teen driver may be speeding or under the influence of alcohol provided by his or her parent after a crash.

If you’ve done nothing to cause your injury, you may have the ability to hold a minor’s parents responsible for the accident.

Accidents involving minors are complex legal matters. If a parent or legal guardian could have taken action to prevent your accident before it occurred, he or she may be held liable for a minor’s careless or negligent behavior. However, you must typically be able to prove a parent had an opportunity to control their child’s behavior or that their actions directly led to your accident. From collecting evidence to examining medical records and police logs, a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer can help. Contact an attorney today.

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