School Accidents

School Accidents – What You Need to Know and What You Should Do Next

If you’re a parent, it represents your worst nightmare: your child is injured or killed while at school. Chances are you never thought you’d have to deal with the aftermath of such an accident. It’s natural to trust teachers, assistants, bus drivers and other staff members with the safety of your children. As any experienced personal injury lawyer knows, millions of parents trust school officials each day to act responsibly and provide a safe environment for students. That’s why it can be so devastating to find out your child’s injury or death was caused by somebody else’s careless or reckless behavior.

Unfortunately, all kinds of accidents happen every day at schools across the United States and some of them are quite serious. Although school officials have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe and secure environment for students of all ages, sometimes this is not the case. An elementary school student may be hurt after a bus driver texts while driving and causes a rear-end crash. A middle school or high school student may become injured while working with defective equipment or hazardous materials. A college student might be sexually assaulted due to negligent on-campus security. In some instances, you may find other parents to be liable for your child’s injuries.

A potential list of school accidents is long and distressing. The following pages are designed to provide information on different types of school accidents:

What should I do after a school accident?

The aftermath of an accident at a school or college campus can affect a student’s life for months – or even years – afterward. In only a moment’s notice, life may never be the same for you or your loved ones ever again. Medical bills may skyrocket. A painful recovery process may complicate a student’s ability to return to school. The physical, emotional and financial fallout can be overwhelming for families. If a student has done nothing to cause his or her accident, contact an attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can fight for the compensation deserved – and needed – to help get life back on track after an accident.

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Information for Students and Parents about Accidents